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Understanding Titratable Acidity- Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Exclusive

Have you ever looked at one of our labels and wondered what that little TA number meant to you? Read on and make sure to follow @thesourscientist for an in depth look at the science and magic behind our beers! 
@stanhieronymus recently wrote an article titled "Understanding pH and titratable acidity in sour beer" for @craftbeerbrew magazine. He featured some of the work I do in relation to measuring the acidity in sour beer. On every one of our labels (when applicable) there is a T.A. measurement. This number reflects how sour a person will perceive that particular beer by utilizing a technique better than just taking a pH measurement. This number is incredibly important in the sour/wild beer world. Stan and I believe the key to a successful and quality wild ale is balance, and this means that more acidity is not necessarily better. Acid is a by product of one of the many microbes found working their magic in a wild ale. There are other microbes and flavors to consider that can easily be overshadowed by extreme acidity. Learning what the T.A. values bring to a beer can help you better understand the process, the flavors and the beer as a whole.

As the popularity of wild ales rises, it is becoming more and more important to realize that they offer so much more than acidity. I want you to know that I work tirelessly to find new and exciting microbes to make beer with and will (hopefully) lend more unique complexity to our beers that you won't find elsewhere. I've always been intrigued by science, and I've always adored the art behind making beer. But together, science and art can make some incredible beers!