Toolbox Brewing Company

An international award winning, small batch, artisanal craft brewery.

With A Heavy Heart...

Here at Toolbox our belief is that the true nature of craft beer is not just local, small and independent; It is also defined by the craftsman who, with continued education, experimentation and development of that craft, brings new life and progress to his or her field. It is because of this belief that, although with a heavy heart, we are pleased to announce that our head brewer Ehren Schmidt will be continuing his journey overseas.

As some of you may know, Ehren has been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity in Copenhagen and will be relocating there next month. Though he will be a great distance away, he will maintain his vested interest in Toolbox Brewing and he will continue to assist from afar as our extensive cellar comes to life here at Toolbox. We have truly enjoyed working beside him these past two years and can't wait to see what his future brings. 

With our Anniversary almost upon us, we are excited to head into our fourth year with the same heart, dedication and level of quality you have all come to know and love from Toolbox. Thank you for your continued support and loyalty. We look forward to sharing our future with you! 

Cheers! 🍻
Spencer & Amanda
Toolbox Brewing Company