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As she makes her debut at the Mikkeller Beer Celebration in Copenhagen this week, we are proud to announce the very limited bottle release of...
|| /vɪviˈɛn/ viv-ee-EN  ||
Much in the same way a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, Vivian (Latin; alive) has developed through a variety of stages to arrive at her current state. The grist consists of under modified pilsner malt, malted wheat, and flaked oats, building the foundation of a traditional Saison. Fermented and aged in French Oak California Chardonnay barrels with English ale yeast, wild yeast, and bacteria for 10 months, Vivian gradually evolved into what it is today. Vivian is alive and will continue to transform inside the bottle. 

BLEND: No. 01 ||  BOTTLED: 01/12/17
STYLE: American Brett Beer
BARRELS: French Oak CA Chardonnay
AGED: 10 Months
MICRO-FLORA: Saccharomyces cervisiae, Brettanomyces lambicus

A very limited quantity of these gorgeous 750ml cork/cage bottles will be available for purchase this Saturday May 13th both online and in-house @ 12pm PST.
$15 each. Limit 6 per order.

Orders placed online will be available for pickup same-day (proxies allowed) for up to 30 days. All orders are also available for shipment within the state of CA via Golden State Overnight. Shipments will be processed Tues 5/16 and arrive Wed 5/17. Adult 21+ signature required for delivery.